Boot Camp

If you don’t know how to be a digital soldier you’re about to learn. The simplest and easiest things you could possibly do to make an impact will be shown. We will also be showing advanced strategies for those that already have social accounts and want to know how to use them for maximum impact. This is going to be fun! Get Ready.

We Are The News Now

Noone Trusts The Fake News Media. They lost the narrative battle and now we laugh at them. It’s time to rescue the minds of those that are still under the spell of the enemy.

Last Night @Jack at Twitter made big attack and suspended 7,000 Qanon related accounts while also restricting 150,000 accounts. It’s his home turf and he’s censoring to try to regain narrative control. He already lost. He knows. He’s in his death spiral.

Digital Soldiers Needed on All Platforms

MEME Warfare
The best, easiest, most effective way to get a message across is through memes. People understand the message from the visual image and only the NSA currently has the technology to understand the meaning and intent.
You are going to learn how to setup accounts on popular platforms where you can march into battle and drop truth bombs right away.

Popular Platforms