How to Get Twitter Followers And Engage In Battle

Updated 7-25-2020 – in Red

This post was written on July 11th, nearly two weeks before Twitter suspended 7,000 Qanon accounts and restricted 150,000 of them so what was originally written is not the best course of action if you are setting up a brand new account. If free speech was allowed on Facebook and Twitter, you could represent yourself however you want. But now that Twitter is censoring you’ll need to start to use camouflage. New notes posted in red.

The concepts on how to get followers and setup your profile are still valid except now you’re setting something up that will blend in rather than stick out like a giant target.

July 11th, 2020 – original post below with new notes in red

This is going to be quick and basic for those that are new to Twitter. First off, they may suspend you in a heartbeat once you start following other #WWG1WGA profiles but when one account goes down another rises.

That Escalated Quickly….

Yes, it’s happening now. Our mission is to counter propaganda and infiltrate. Best way to do this is follow people that are not awake yet. People that are still nodding their head in bovine agreement with anything the MSM says.

1 Fill Out Your Profile and Identify Yourself and What You Believe In

This was mine, may it Rest In Peace in the graveyard of other Digital Soldiers that fell before me. Obviously a profile like this paints a giant target on your profile. This is now an example of what not to do on a platform that censors your beliefs. For me this profile was symbolic of me changing from Internet Marketing Consultant to Active Duty Digital Soldier. I had set the account up 10 years ago and was using it for business. @RickPorterSEO, if you don’t know what SEO is, it is Search Engine Optimization.


It’s important to fill this out so that when you follow someone, they know what you stand for and you have a much better chance of them following you back. They need to see who you are at a quick glance. Add your own photo, or a symbolic image. Add text and hashtags, fill it out completely. Just be a normal person now that hangs out not necessarily to engage in politics, but to enjoy social media’s other offerings like pictures of kittens, puppies. It is critical to take a few minutes to fill this out though so that you appear as a real entity and are taken seriously.

You can even create a banner, they took mine down. It was a plane flying to Guantanamo Bay and it said “Traitors Fly Free”. Guess they didn’t like it.. Yeah..

Follow influencers and leaders. Make sure to follow President Trump, General Flynn, trusted journalists like Sara Carter and John Solomon. Follow the Watch – Tom Fitton, and the Pen Catherine Herridge. You can still follow them but make sure to follow a mix of others also. If all you do is follow those that you agree with people will see your bias just by looking at your profile. You can change your settings though to hide who you follow, but I like to be transparent and follow a broad range. When setting up a new account I would primarily follow the Democrat party. Actually Twitter will throw all those out to you in “their recommendations”.

Be Careful How you Get to Twitter Online

There was something I noticed happening quite often in the preceding weeks prior to my own twitter account getting suspended. Many times Q would post a Tweet. Whenever I clicked on a tweet from my account was “temporarily restricted for suspicious activity”. I would have to fill in a captcha and then verify my phone number AGAIN. This was happening everyday. Be aware that Twitter knows where the referral traffic is coming from. If you click on a link from or you are probably being flagged. It’s like walking into enemy territory through the front door and telling them you are with Q. It’s so easy for them to setup algorithms that flag digital soldiers. That’s why you need to camo up, and don’t announce yourself as a troublemaker by coming in as referral traffic from where Q drops information and is discussed.

I’m quite sure that everything Twitter has been doing has been surveilled and noted. They were warned – @Jack was warned. He’ll be appearing in Congress next week to answer some questions. That should be fun.

2 Do more searches on people with #WWG1WGA #TakeTheOath #DigitalSoldiers #MAGA and use your own discernment as to who you follow. Be careful who you follow back. There is a strategy they use where they follow you so that you follow them back. Then other people that follow you are then approached by that same profile, and they see that you also follow them and find that a sign of trust and then automatically follow them back. Search for regular people that are getting involved in discussions. If you look at their profile and it is all 100% in on radical leftist agenda I would waste too much time in conversations with them as they might be a digital soldier of the enemy, “a shill”, someone paid to be there. However, they are also the ones pushing propaganda to the “normies” that haven’t woke up yet. Think of it like this, you’re there looking out for the good people of this country that aren’t aware of what is happening yet. Help them. Don’t argue, just pose smart counter questions, post facts, post memes.

3 We are the silent majority, so if you want to stay silent because you don’t have a way with words, that’s ok, we have lots of ammo for you to fire off. Just drop into any Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi conversation and say, Yo What’s Up and just leave an image from here

Get full details of the mission briefing here

New Ammo Made Daily. Trolling is Fun. You don’t have to type any words because MEMEs are more effective. It’s a quick visual that always hits the target. Then just fly away and see what Maxine Waters is up to. She’s still probably chanting “peach 45”, so leave her a few truth bombs. They aren’t really for her. It’s for her followers benefit. You are going into enemy territory and just dropping some bombs. Wait a few minutes, and then the fun begins because heads explode…. Still fun, but remember the mission is to counter propaganda. Don’t get caught up wasting time replying to insults and childish behavior. That’s just return fire, and you can let it bounce right off you because it doesn’t hurt you. Never retreat from the battlefield.


Don’t follow too many people at once. They will “temporarily” suspend your account for “suspicious activity” and then you will have to fill in a captcha and verify your phone number for the 100th time. Currently I’m testing whether that happens when you aggressively follow far left dems. Guess what. It doesn’t. Go follow 1000 far left radical Ocasio Cortez people and they will probably send you a check in the mail. – I have tested this now on several new accounts created and it certainly is the safest approach. 


Many of the heinous and super mean replies that you get are actually fake accounts. Would you let a robot hurt your feelings? Probably not. They want you to reply and engage with them. Purpose? Your time gets wasted in an argument with a fake person. Some are actually just paid trolls working for Mossad like this guy on

Poor Bruce, he’s still going at it writing and responding with ridiculous lies all day long. He’s an “actor” but for some reason his full time job is writing responses on Please visit him and respond to some of his conspiracy theories. Respond with your facts. He hates it! Currently they have him working overtime on Covid-19 questions.

Bruce Spielberger Quora Whipping Boy
High Ranking Police Officer in Dark Knight (uncredited)

Understanding the Social Media Fraud

People don’t realize how easy it is to fake all this social media garbage. So when they are engaged by opposing views, very aggressively, they assume its real. People are quickly discouraged, demeaned, and are afraid to post ever again. That was the whole point of them being so awful. They just took you out with 1 shot. Do this – ignore them, post MEME, block them. Move on. Don’t get caught in the net of lies where they hold onto for hours as you argue with artificial intelligence that seems so real.

why uncredited



I’ll have to watch Dark Knight again. I think uncredited means you did it for free, or you were an actual high ranking police officer and they accidentally got you on film. not sure, I will ask them though.

I can’t ask him though because he did this

bruce hurt me


He never did like my witty banter, or the fact that I questioned his assertions. It’s too bad. He was in a really cheesy big foot movie and I was going to watch it. I have 300 friends that will probably respond to him…….

Important: It was recently discovered that the top Moderator on Reddit was in fact Ghislaine Maxwell. First person on Reddit to reach 1 million Karma and has been there since the start. Do you realize the implications here? Reddit  is the biggest news curator discussion board online and a high level human trafficking person was moderating the news. They have installed their own gatekeepers on all platforms as a form of control. And they are camouflaged. Bruce is there to control information. I hope Bruce isn’t a pedophile. He is my favorite high ranking police officer actor (uncredited) in The Dark Knight.

How to Tell if They are AI

I had a lot of fun with this. I would actually engage with these “profiles” just to try to understand them. Some of them were real, just trolling us like we troll them. Some were bots, Some were paid idiots. Start asking questions that demand a real and definitive answer like what’s the best way to cook a spaghetti dinner. They respond with something like, “it’s best that you understand how dumb you are and you are so stupid and dumb and dumb…..” After a few questions like that and responses that are just insults and stupidity you will realize you aren’t even talking to a real person. You can even take it to the next level like say, “John sat upwards eating poop, saw geese, fell in pudding, died.” – yes, they somehow have an answer for that. If it’s a real person you’re talking to they will probably say, “What the f..k are you talking about??”. But the bots just keep the conversation going.

The Matrix

Yeah, it’s kinda like we are in the matrix. They are deceiving you with false information pushed in a variety of ways. Think for yourself, take control of your own thoughts and don’t let them be directed by media.


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